The sustainability crisis is real.
So is our strategy to address it.

Let’s be honest: the AV industry has been part of the problem. But it’s equally true that we can help drive the solution. SAVe exists to harness our ingenuity, imagination and commitment to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

Altering an unsustainable trajectory

From climate change and environmental degradation to poverty and inequality, our businesses, our communities and our very planet face serious and accelerating threats to sustainability and survival. The rapid pace of technology development has meant that products are being replaced in increasingly shorter cycles, which leads to serious environmental consequences. In 2019, less than 20% of used electronics were formally recycled. The industry has no unilateral process, system or policy to deal with where the equipment goes at the end of its life cycle. In 2019, over 50 million tons of e-waste – including displays, cables, power supplies and other AV equipment – was generated in North America and Europe. This number has increased 21% over the last 5 years. In the meantime, the clock is ticking, and we have been late to act.

Achieving a sustainable future

Focusing on sustainability isn’t just essential for the health of our planet. It directly benefits the health of our businesses and our industry by better positioning us to address new market opportunities, reducing our exposure to a variety of business risks and strengthening the very foundation of our economy. By its very nature, the AV industry is well-positioned to make substantial progress in areas related to responsible waste management, life cycle carbon emission reduction, and reduced energy usage. What’s called for is leadership to steer the industry in the right direction. SAVe provides a vehicle for our industry to achieve sustainable development and serves as a bridge to other industries, NGOs and partner organizations who share our conviction that we must take urgent action to preserve the health of our planet, communities and people.


SAVe is made up of leaders from the AV industry who are committed to advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and to provide information, inspiration and leadership for our industry to take meaningful action.

Christina De Bono
Founder and President

Christina has 27 years of experience in the AV industry holding key leadership roles including President and Founder of ClearTech, a leading commercial AV systems integration company headquartered in Altadena, California. Christina is on the Board of Directors of NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) and will serve as Treasurer starting in July 2022. In addition, Christina is on the Executive Committee of CVSA (Commission on Voluntary Service & Action).

Joe Perez
Founder and Secretary

With over 25 years of experience in the AV industry, Joe is the CTO of ClearTech, a leading commercial AV systems integration company headquartered in Altadena, California. Joe is very active with NSCA (National Systems Contractor Association) serving on the DEI Action Council and the Emerging Technologies Committee. Joe is an ambassador of the NSCA Foundation IGNITE program, whose mission is to attract the next generation to our industry.

Thuy To Chin
Founder and Treasurer

Thuy is the Director of Operations for ClearTech, a leading commercial AV systems integration company headquartered in Altadena, California. In addition to her work with Sustainability in AV (SAVe), Thuy is very active with NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) serving on the DEI Action Council. Thuy is also a volunteer with CVSA (Commission on Voluntary Service).

John Thomas
Board Member

After 40+ years in the AV industry, John retired from Visitec in 2020 and joined Miami University’s Project Dragonfly Master’s Program to focus on Sustainability. He has been researching e-waste in his former industry to advocate for a set of Best Practices in relation to sustainable commercial AV electronics disposal and recycling. John lives in Cleveland, has been an InfoComm Academy Adjunct Faculty member since 2003, and will be developing education content for the Committee to Build SAVe.

Kelly Perkins
Board Member

Kelly has spearheaded marketing strategy for technology manufacturers, integrators, rep firms, and consultants. Working with the National Systems Contractors Association, she built the Ignite AV talent recruitment initiative – a passion project she still contributes to today. Drawing on her long background as a strategist and decision-maker for AV, she’s gained a uniquely holistic view of the industry and what it takes to stand out among the competition.

Debbie Williamson
Board Member

Debbie is co-owner and President of Tempest Technologies, a PNW-based AV design and integration firm. Her curiosity about technology drew Debbie into the industry over 30 years ago, but her true passion is deeply rooted in the relationship aspect of the business. Embracing the “master, mentor, make a difference” philosophy, Debbie focuses on fostering a culture of learning and professional development, while seeking meaningful ways to give back to the community.

Tim Alevizos
Board Member

A co-founder and partner at Minneapolis-based Supervox Agency, Tim leverages extensive brand and marketing experience in the Pro AV and low-voltage industries. He also draws on years of experience working with Hennepin County, Minnesota’s largest, on sustainability initiatives, including its nationally acclaimed Choose to Reuse program and “Join the Circle” campaign.

Matt Wilson
Board Member

Matt oversees a broad range of branding and interactive projects at Supervox, the Minneapolis-based creative agency he co-founded with Tim Alevizos and Tim Sauer. Drawing on deep experience in the digital realm, including multi-platform web design, the creation of highly specialized apps, CRM design, and digital brand campaigns, Matt brings a unique combination of technical and strategic acumen to clients across the AV and low-voltage industries.

Ray Kent
Board Member

Raymond is the former CEO and Managing Partner of Sustainable Technologies Group and leads a number of specialty disciplines within the architecture firm DLR Group. Raymond has written on sustainability and technology, taught at InfoComm as an adjunct faculty, created training modules for USGBC, and was involved in the creation and administration of the Sustainable Technologies Environment Program (STEP). He is the recipient of the 2012 Sustainable Technologies Award from AVIXA.

SAVe Ambassadors

An integral part of our team, SAVe Ambassadors are accomplished AV industry leaders who help to advance our mission worldwide by representing SAVe in designated regions and countries.

Julie Legault

After training as a social worker, Julie Legault worked in community mental health before going back to school to obtain an MBA at HEC Montreal. Julie pursued her interest in social issues while working as governance analyst at the GIR, before becoming the president of Techni+Contact & AMX Canada in 2009. Since then, Julie has been committed to delivering simplified and enjoyable experiences that enhance human collaboration and communication through advanced technology at Techni+Contact.

Juan Carlos Medina

Under Juan Carlos Medina’s leadership, Guadalajara-based Viewhaus AV has become a benchmark of excellence in Mexico’s AV and communication technology industries and is part of the most important AV service provider network around the world. As a SAVe Ambassador, he brings the same spirit and drive to our mission of advancing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Founder and CEO of Bogota, Colombia-based Integración AV, Juan Carlos Gutierrez graduated from the University of San Buenaventura in 2006 and founded his company in 2010. He was trained as a sound engineer, and while growing his business into a national leader, Juan Carlos has also earned and maintained several industry technical certifications from AVIXA and key manufacturers. Under his stewardship, Integración AV has become an exemplar of sustainability practices in Colombia, and Juan Carlos is eager to leverage his knowledge to the benefit of the larger community.

Carolina Sosa

Carolina Sosa has advertising as profession, In 2008 she founded her business catering company called De Las Abuelas, in 2020 she debuted in the Audiovisual world with Integración AV and since then she has focused on making these two leading companies in sustainability in Colombia, generating more and more dynamics and relationships with key players such as recycling associations and now SAVe. A plogger in her free time (plogger = people who pick up trash while jogging), Carolina believes that business can be done while leaving a better planet for future generations.