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Sustainability in AV (SAVe), the first U.S.-based organization to bring stakeholders together in the AV field to take concerted action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), announces the appointment of Cristiano Mazza as SAVe Ambassador for Brazil. He is a Partner at Discabos Group, one of the largest audiovisual distributors in Brazil, and since 2022 has served as president of AVIXA Foundation.

SAVe Ambassadors represent SAVe in their countries of residence and on the global stage, while also serving actively as members of the SAVe Board of Directors. As sustainability can only be achieved through a global effort, they are essential drivers of SAVe’s mission.

Mazza began his career in 2003, initially assuming a sales role at Discabos with a primary focus on the electronic product line. He actively contributed to the establishment of the AVLife and FastClick brands until the formation of Grupo Discabos, where he rose to a partnership role. In 2018, he became head of operations, responsible for supplier relationships, logistical operations and product forecasting. In July 2023 he began to command the operation of DUCaaS, an AV technical services outsourcing company that is part of the Discabos Group, where he continues to date.

In 2020 Mazza was invited to join the Board of Directors of AVIXA Foundation, a charitable arm of AVIXA, focused on developing the workforce in the AV industry. In 2022 he was elected president of the Foundation, a position he will hold through the end of 2023.

“Sustainability is a term widely used today, but it is often not fully understood,” says Mazza. “When I discovered SAVe, I also imagined that it would be ’just’ about electronic waste and ecological disposal. I was wrong, it’s much bigger than that. SAVe advocates for the achievement of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in addition to Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), I am particularly passionate about Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9) and Reduction of Inequalities (10); They made me want to be close and participate in what SAVe is building. As the Japanese say: This is my ikigai (Life purpose).”

Cristiano currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil with wife Patricia and children Luca and Bianca and runs marathons for pleasure.

For more information on Cristiano Mazza, or SAVe, please visit or email Kelly Perkins at