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A decade ago, the “Analog Sunset,” was adopted by manufacturers, and digital AV technology “officially” replaced analog systems. Wide screen TVs began to replace the old (almost) square tubes – then LCD’s replaced CRT’s. HDMI connections eliminated separate audio and video cables. Signals became encrypted to protect content, and Internet protocol changed how we distributed programs, all of which took new technology and equipment. Everything had to be redesigned and manufactured to digital standards.

So, what happened to all those millions of analog monitors, connectors, cables, DA’s, power supplies, amps, and mixers? In 2019 alone, global electronic waste exceeded 59 million metric tons – and by 2030, it is projected to reach 90 million. How much of that is from the commercial AV industry? We don’t know. Our profession compiles no records for the disposal of obsolete commercial AV technology.

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