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Nathan Haynes, at  has just written a must-read article for rAVe Publications, entitled “The Power of Low Voltage in the Sustainability Movement.”

First: Thanks, Nathan, for recognizing SAVe’s efforts in your article. We’re very gratified to have earned your attention.

Second, If you had any doubt about the impact SAVe can have, take five minutes to read this compelling argument for the low-voltage industry to make itself part of the conversation about achieving a more energy-efficient – and thus sustainable – future. As a subject matter expert and principal design consultant for AVIO Designs, Inc., a creative technology design studio based in Vancouver, BC, Nathan Haynes knows what he’s talking about.

“AV and low voltage isn’t a small industry anymore, we’re not a newcomer that has general contractors scratching their heads about what we do,” writes Haynes. “We are established, certified and in the trade schedule. Our technologies are everywhere!… So as we welcome 2024, I ask that we aim to be champions of promoting a greener, cleaner option by leveraging our industry’s low voltage abilities.”

Read the article entire article here: